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Not seeing the design or color you like? Looking for something a little different? What’s your idea of a modern sofa design? We at Blueprint Furniture offer a complete line of customizable sofas, sectionals, chairs, and chaises all made to order and available in your choice of fabric, color, and wood tones. Discover more about our unique selections of sofas in Los Angeles.


Multipurpose furniture is about making better use of spaces, and sofas perfectly capture this definition. The growing market for sofas in Los Angeles reflects the increasing demand for multipurpose furniture. A sofa isn’t just for sitting. Depending on size, it can be used as a bed in specific circumstances. Sofas are the way to go especially for small spaces.

Your Biggest Investment

Sofa is one of the first furniture that homeowners invest in because of its unique characteristics. Its big nature works to its advantage as it can accommodate more people at once. Among other things, sofa provides comfort unlike other furniture. If you want to make a smart choice, we at Blueprint Furniture will be happy to help you. Our selection of sofas and sectionals come in various sizes, colors, and materials, all to suit your furniture needs. With us, you will be working with a dedicated staff who will make sure that all your modern sofa design requirements are met.

Versatility Coupled with Style

It is a common understanding that one should always consider the future when making decisions, and the same goes for purchasing home furniture. Practicality should always come first. Investing in sofa gives you a functional and stylish addition to your space. Sofa’s versatility offers a range of options for making better use of spaces and maximizing the resources you have. When you find the right sofa, all you need is careful handling to maintain its quality and functionality for years. Here at Blueprint Furniture, our selection of sofas is made from quality materials- i.e., high-density foam, polyester filling- providing modern comfort at its best. All our furniture collections are built to last for years.

A Modern Interpretation of Classic

Mid-century modern piece continues to take over the design world. Our sofa selections take classic styling and contemporary elegance to the next level. Our masterpieces are combination of craftsmanship and iconic pieces that give modern designs and functionality a fresh interpretation. We create custom-made furniture designs based on design specifications of our customers. Tell us what you envision for your sofa design, and we will make it come to life.


Our commitment to sustainability and uniqueness is what makes our sofa selection standout in the market. Our products are not just functional, but they are also sleek and stylish. Browse our modern sofa design selection, or visit our store in Los Angeles, CA today.
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