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Spice Up Your Home with Contemporary Living Room Furniture

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Contemporary living room furniture arrangement can spell the difference in the overall layout and appeal of your home. However, you can’t just throw in furniture in your living space for a one-and-done affair; you need to think carefully about the placement of each item.

Key Tips in Designing the Living Room

As the heart of your home, it is imperative that your living room’s appearance makes a statement. This can be done by placing the right furniture in your main space. To help you, here are some tips and tricks in fitting contemporary pieces in your living space.

  • Establish the focal point of your living room and arrange the furniture around it. This can be your fireplace, window, or entertainment set.  Doing this creates the room's primary anchor.

  • Make the furniture arrangement conducive for conversation. Strategic placement of the sofa and accent chairs allows your guests to talk comfortably to each other, without straining their necks or having to raise their voice. For big living spaces, consider building separate conversation areas for more intimacy.

  • Allow room for walking. Create ample space between furniture pieces so your guests can move around easily.

  • Place furniture away from walls. Instead, set the furniture items next to one another. Doing this creates a more intimate and homey setting.

The Secrets to Creating a Comfortable Living Space

The living room holds as much importance as the kitchen or dining area for entertaining family and guests. Some even look for pieces from high-end furniture stores to make the living room more attractive.

The secret, however, is not just on the furniture but also on the layout of the place. Here are some tips for you to maximize the seating for your space.

  • Measure the room in advance. Visualize the whole space to create a conducive floor plan. Consider ease of access and movement when planning to make sure that you have enough space for everything.

  • Consider the scale of the room. Once you have a floor plan, you can estimate the space needed for each piece of furniture. Doing this will help you determine if you need a sofa or sectional, extra accent chairs, among others.

  • Make use of multiple seating areas. For example, you can use sectionals to create a comfortable space for group gatherings and good conversations.  If you want larger seating, a custom sofa and accent chairs will also do.

  • Check the furniture design for durability. Your pets may crawl over the furniture at certain times.  Children also tend to jump in sofas and furniture pieces.  That's why you need to ensure that your furniture is durable and resistant to damage.  Ask a sales associate regarding the item’s frame, fill, and warrantee.

Stay True to Your Design

Ultimately, the secret for great living room arrangement is letting your personality shine through. Don’t be afraid to go for what you like. You know the living space more than anyone, so try combinations until you get the perfect match.

Remember, though, that it all begins with the furniture pieces you use for the area. If you want the best furniture designs at very reasonable prices, Blueprint Furniture is the store for you. From contemporary living room pieces to luxury bedroom furniture in Los Angeles, we have the widest selection of items to give your home the upgrade it deserves. View our current inventory on our homepage, or fill out our contact form for inquiries!

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