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August 6th | Show Off Your Modern Living Room Furniture with these 2018 Design Trends

If you’re all about making a statement by your design choices, then you have to really work on your living room. After your house’s façade, the living room is where your visitors will form their first impressions on your home, and what kind of homeowner you are. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you. Here are modern living room furniture and room styles that are piping hot in 2018.

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Stay in the loop with these modern living room furniture trends:

    1. Colors.Bolder paint and furniture colors will steal the spotlight this year. Bright yellows, earthy greens, and deep blues will be the obvious color choice for your tables, sofas, or decors this year. Subtle tones like greys, whites, and beiges bid their farewell. Apparently, the future is colored bright.


    1. Raw materials. Furniture and accents made from wood, marble, and stone will be hot this year. These materials, aside from giving your room a sustainable look, perfectly complements luxury living room furniture that are hot this year.


    1. Velvet.Speaking of luxury furniture, it has been predicted that velvet furniture in warm, saturated colors will make a comeback this year. These settees and chairs upholstered in velvet are sure to bring visual relief in your living room. This luxurious fabric not only looks great, it also feels great to the touch.


    1. Metals.The resurgence of luxury living room furniture is not only seen in the growing taste in velvet and raw materials. It is also seen in the growing preference to furniture that sport the shine and sleekness of metal. Some of these metals that would make your modern living room furniture into Gatsby’s levels are bronze, gold, and brass. These warm tones with their rugged and aged coating are most welcome in any living room, whether brightly or neutrally painted.


    1. Curvy, quirky furniture. The conventional, rectangular sofas and furniture will step aside this year. They will have to make room for furniture that sport unique and organic curves from the 70’s.


    1. Floral Patterns. Bright colors, warm velvets, and brass tones—2018 seems to be all about making bold statements with these design trends. It doesn’t stop here, though. Floral patterns are also seeing a resurgence in living room furniture, fabrics, and other accents. They give any living room furniture a brighter, happier, and homier vibe that will fit right in this summer.


  1. Corner sofas. From design patterns and materials, we move on to practical furniture additions to your living rooms. The corner sofa design won’t abandon its throne this 2018. It rides on with the sustained preference to open-plan interior designs and more open and relaxed space arrangements.

These seven trends for modern living room furniture will give you the shoe-in to that bold, bright, and cozy design statements that define 2018. Make sure to check out our furniture and décor here at Blueprint Furniture to get your pick from our curated collection of stylish living room furniture for your home.

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