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March 6th | Portfolio: Designer Aly Daly + Blueprint

In this Portfolio, we spotlight Blueprint's collaboration with interior designer Aly Daly.

Since the 1980s, Blueprint has built strong relationships with the best designers working in interiors.  Our continued work with industry professionals gives us insight into new trends and timeless designs alike.  We collaborate on projects of all size and purpose.  From private homes to corporate offices, Blueprint meets the challenge.  In this first edition of PORTFOLIO, we explore some our collaborations with interior designer Aly Daly, and we find out what Blueprint pieces helped complete her visions. 

For this bright and open kitchen, she found 4 grey leather Rudy barstools make an excellent fit.  The gentle curves of the grey leather seat help soften the counter edge and bring depth to the taupe panelling.  Commercial-grade brushed steel bases are height adjustable to allow a comfortable seat for all.  The Rudy Barstool is produced by Eurostyle, currently on display in both grey and cognac leather seats.

Rudy Barstools | Grey Leather

Rudy Barstools | Grey Leather

Aly gets more adventurous with some clients who allow her the room.  Here she uses two Maxton consoles as an eclectic companion to this very linear table setting.  A combination of reclaimed wood and natural iron add a human element to these consoles, and more touch to the dining space overall.   The Maxton is currently available to order in the finish shown.

Maxton Console
Maxton Console

For these bedrooms, Ms. Daly chose our white Debi double dresser and night stands.  These simple, clean storage options brighten the space and take advantage of natural light.   In one bedroom hangs the artfully glam Pixley Mirror, with gold rim and starburst metalwork pattern.  In the other, a silver shag area rug adds a plush layer of luxury.  The Debi collection comes in both white and walnut finish.  Our shag rugs come in various styles, colors, and sizes.

Debi Double Dresser + Pixley Wall Mirror
Debi Nightstand + Silver Shag

For this spacious high-rise condo in Westwood, we find a white palette at work.  Here in the bedroom we find the white leather A831 accent chair.  This elegant yet informal chair has a swivel base in satin silver.  We also find the Titan bench, in high-polished steel.  This is a high fashion, very chic piece, and Ms. Daly knows all about that.  The A831 is currently available in white or grey leather.  The Titan bench is available as shown, and as a smaller stool.

A831 Chair + Titan Bench
A831 Chair + Titan Bench + Debi Nightstand

For this home in Ojai, she employed the use of white Castle Peak outdoor lounges.  Set against the warm backdrop of a wood deck, the white 'pops'  and provides a nice break in the mass.  Lightweight and adjustable, these Castle Peak lounges can be moved easily, allowing for more space to entertain a large group.  The Castle Peak is produced by Zuo, currently available to order in either white or black/grey.

Castlepeak Outdoor Lounge


Aly Daly’s design career began in Philadelphia. She has since designed worldwide corporate interiors for fashion icons such as Max Azria Group, Calvin Klein, Gianni Versace, and Perry Ellis.  Her experience designing interiors for celebrities and corporate brands of such varying styles, has created in her, a well rounded appreciation and attitude in design.

Her main contact at Blueprint is Kevin Berschinski.  They have developed a professional rapport over several years, and many different projects.  "I enjoy every opportunity I have to work with Aly Daly!" he says.  "She is remarkably creative and infuses the job with that creativity constantly.  Often, when discussing  the parameters of a project, I can tell she is keeping one eye open for pieces or concepts outside of the box.  It is amazing how she tracks it all and puts it together in her head.  I'm never quite sure what pieces she will choose from our end but I have seen several of her finished projects and she is extraordinary."


Aly Daly Design
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