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February 27th | The Meringue Indoor/Outdoor Stool

The Meringue Stool

Designed by Los Angeles based award winning architect, Kidduck Kim. 

Meringue is fabricated locally in LA area with High-Density Polyethylene which is 100% recyclable.
Meringue has been selected as 'Product of the Month' by ICON magazine. Meringue is design patented.
Lighting version has LED rechargeable lithium battery inside. You can charge for about 5-6 hours and detach from the power source to run about 8-10 hours by itself. It comes with remote controller that you can change brightness, colors and lighting mode. Literally, you can take with you to your favorite beaches(while watching sunset), campgrounds(while watching the stars), BBQ areas(while enjoying grilled foods), etc as it is only 18 lbs.
All of Meringue is water-resistant and UV-resistant so you can place them outside by the pool or the garden.
Easy to clean/maintain by using garden hose and/or soft fabrics.

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