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    The coffee table is more than just where you set your mug or remote controls; it is often one of the focal points of any living space.

    Whether you go high or low, glass or wood, round, square or rectangular, the right coffee table - and table grouping - can show off your personality as well as providing useful storage.

    There are plenty of options available to consider, so here are a few helpful tips to consider when selecting the best coffee table for your home.

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  • August 8th | 15 Most Stylish and Innovative Interior Design Shops in Los Angeles


    Enhancing the interior of your home must be one of the most special and satisfying experiences for anyone interested in beauty and aesthetics. Shopping for pretty designs or hunting must-have pieces of furniture will not be an easy task, but finally seeing them all come together in your dream home makes it all worthwhile. Regardless if you’re moving to a new apartment or just redecorating, unleashing your inner designer can turn out to be a blast.

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  • 15 Quick and Easy Tips for Staging Your House with Pillows

    Surya Pillow Rack

    15 Quick and Easy Tips for Staging Your House with Pillows

    If you’re in search of easy, affordable ways to get your home ready to sell, there’s no better option than adding some high-style throw pillows indoors and out. Unlike paint and wallpaper, toss pillows are a relatively affordable way to spice up your space without hiring a professional or draining your DIY bank.

    Using your design eye and some trendy pillows, you can transform your space into one that’s well-suited for the most challenging real estate markets! Settle in and get ready for some serious pillow talk with these quick and easy staging tips.

    Surya lola pillows 2Surya Lola on chair

    Keep it Neutral, Or Not

    One of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to staging is to keep your colors neutral. The idea is that easy-to-match solid colors will help buyers better envision their own décor in your space.

    In fact, a study by the Institute of Color Research revealed that people tend to make subconscious judgments about an environment within 90 seconds of viewing, and that 93 percent of that is based on visual appearance, including color! Peppering your home with neutral-colored pillows in tan, brown and gray is a good way to play to that notion.

    On the other hand, there may be some solid benefits to skipping the neutrals. According to interior design experts, a bright pop of color or a bold print can really do wonders for small seating areas or otherwise monochrome spaces.

    They also work well to help large furniture stand out and to complement and highlight your home’s structural features, such as the finish of the wood or the molding. The bottom line: choose pillows that complement your home’s style and aesthetic, and don’t be afraid to play with colors if you think they add style!

    Pillow Blog 2

    Quick Color Tips:

    • Pair brightly colored cushions with neutral-toned furniture and vise-versa.
    • Consider red toss pillows if you’re working with hardwood with red undertones, and blue toss pillows if you’d like to draw out the bluish tones of ash.
    • Stick to solid-colored throw pillows when dressing up furniture with busy prints or patterns and patterned toss pillows when decorating solid-colored furniture.
    • If you prefer neutral pillows but still want an eye-catching look, consider decorating with high-style pillows featuring a subtle texture, like linen or tweed.
    • Swap colors with the season. For example, you can add dark-toned purple and deep orange in the fall and capture the spirit of spring with pastels.


    Take it Outside

    There’s little more valuable in the real estate market than a functional, well-appointed outdoor space. Potential buyers are very likely to see your patio, backyard and screened-in porch as a value proposition that will help them relax and unwind after a long day.

    And, let’s face it: house-buying is stressful, so play up this asset! If that’s not enough to convince you, a study by the National Association of Home Builders revealed that 83 percent of buyers look for a home with a patio, while 80 percent desire a front porch.

    Now that you know your outdoor space is high on the list of sought-after home features, you can get to decorating! Outdoor throw pillows are by large the simplest, most affordable way to dress up your porch or patio, even if you’re working with old, out-of-date patio furniture. Don’t be afraid to cover up stained or worn-out wicker, wrought iron or wood with eye-catching patio furniture cushions that match or to finally make your big patio visions a reality with unique and creative outdoor designs.

    Quick Outdoor Tips:

    • Always choose porch or patio pillows made with outdoor fabric that’s UV-resistant by top makers like Sunbrella and Solarium.
    • Use patio throw pillows to cover up stained or worn-out cushions or implement new patio cushions to cover up aging furniture.
    • Consider matching your outdoor pillows to a set of all-new seat cushions for a great-looking, uniform style that catches the buyer’s eye.
    • Complement your solid-colored patio cushions with a set of high-style patterned patio pillows in a contemporary print.
    • Choose outdoor throw pillows that match the season or pick novelty styles that helps you celebrate certain holidays.

    Surya fluffy pillows

    Experiment with Texture

    One of the best ways to give off the air that your home is the perfect place for a wide range of unique buyers is to complement it with sumptuous, royal textures in any room throughout your home. This is an especially useful tip for those sellers who have decided to move before placing their home on the market and are dealing with a home full of relatively bare spaces. For rooms with hardwood floors and neutral-colored walls, velvet and tweed are top-notch choices for bringing in some serious warmth.

    In carpeted rooms or rooms with heavy upholstered furniture, we highly recommend choosing subtle, lighter-weight textures like linen or 100 percent cotton in refreshing colors that help lighten up the atmosphere. Color plays a big role here, too, and you’ll want to choose colors that draw out the room’s architectural features and permanent accents while also playing to your personal sense of style, whether it be neutral and easy-to-style or unique and eye-catching.

    • If staging in the winter, warm a room up with luxurious tweed or velvet toss pillows that bring in warmth and comfort.
    • For screened-in porches and patios or for staging in the summer, cool things down with lighter-weight linen or cotton toss pillows.
    • Contrast your solid-colored furniture with a subtle patterned throw pillow with accents like raised embroidery, sequins, buttons or gem accents.
    • Complement rustic décor with burlap toss pillows and more contemporary styles with subtle textures with matching trim.
    • Use popping textures, such as embroidery or bobble textures with your solid-colored furniture and choose subdued styles to contrast busy patterns.
    Surya texture pillows
    Need pillows?  Buy from our in-house assortment, or order from an amazing range of both ready-made and custom pillows.  Prints, solids, textures, felt, wool, cotton, lace, linen, faux fur, seat belt, sequin, silk, and cowhide...  you name it, we can get it.  Big and small throws, lumbar and bolster sizes too... Plush, thin, poly or down fill.  Need pillows?  Come to BLUEPRINT.
    Guest Post from Aby Arnold / Pillow Perfect
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  • Top Decorating Trends to Try this Summer

    By: Danielle Hegedus
    Guest Post by Modernize Blog
    Want to shake things up this summer?  So do we!  Perhaps you want to transform your home into a calm oasis with clean lines and no clutter.  Maybe you’re just looking to cultivate an interesting art collection at a reasonable price.  Whatever your design goals, let us help you experiment to make your home truly reflect your personal style.  Whatever the size of your budget or space, read on to learn about new design trends that you can adopt to give your space a fresh feel and new energy this summer.
    Invest in High Quality Mid-Century Modern Classic Furniture
    Do you find yourself watching “Mad Men” just to ogle the set design? Are you a big fan of throwback
    Thursday?  If you’re a sucker for nostalgia, you definitely need to check out mid-century modern
    furniture.  Inspired by designers like Charles and Ray Eames, Arne Jacobsen, and Eero Saarinen, mid-century modern pieces are timeless with clean lines and sleek geometry that work with almost any existing design scheme.  Mid Century fits with a variety of more modern items.  We love this Star Dining Table that adds a level of sophistication to any space.  If you like to keep your purchases local, supporting your local economy and reducing your environmental footprint, the Brink Custom Sofa is a great investment, crafted with contemporary fabrics made right in Los Angeles.  A part of Blueprint's custom upholstery collection, the Brink is made to order, so you can fully customize this piece to work with your existing design scheme.
    Star-Dining-Table at Blueprint Furniture-31 Brink-Custom-Sofa at Blueprint Furniture-32
    Showcase a Well-Curated Collection of Design Accents
    Whether you’re doing a complete design makeover or just updating the look of your space, details
    matter. That said, you want to avoid the appearance of clutter at all costs. It makes it more difficult to clean, and it’s just poor Feng Shui. Instead, be very deliberate about every item that comes into your home and make sure you absolutely love it. For instance, if you’re looking to add interest to an otherwise dull dining area, consider a light fixture that adds drama. We especially like the Pia Pendant Lamp with its connected chrome plates that create the illusion of a warm glowing ball of mirrors. This piece will definitely dazzle your guests and adds high style to an otherwise drab room. If you’d like to make your space look bigger and brighter, mirrors can work wonders. Even better, you don’t have to worry about any colors clashing with your existing design. We love this Facet Mirror that feels like a window to the outdoors.
    If you have the opposite problem and your space is feeling a little less-than- cozy, a rug is a great way to pull a room together and add some warmth.  Consider a selection from Surya Rugs, such as the Aros, handcrafted in India with special attention paid to the quality of the material and the vibrant color.  Or, take a look at our selection of top quality brazilian cowhides!
    Pia-Pendant-Lamp at Blueprint Furniture-31 Cowhide at Blueprint Furniture-33
    Gray is the New Beige!
    We almost hate to say this because beige can be pretty boring, but the point is, gray is a great neutral base for your design scheme. A wide array of grays—from pale heather gray to a deep charcoal gray—will complement each other and will really make your accent colors pop. These sleek Brando Dining Chairs provide an attractive and neutral base for your dining area, allowing a beautiful chandelier or vibrant tableware to take center stage. Similarly, the upholstered headboard on the Logan Bed is sophisticated on its own, but will also complement a variety of bedding options.
    Brando-Side-Chair at Blueprint Furniture-32 Logan-Bed at Blueprint Furniture-31
    We hope this helps inspire your style makeover! Feel free to mix and match these trends to create a
    design scheme that reflects your personal style. After all, the most important element of design is to
    ensure the space works for you. Happy styling!
    At Home Improvement Leads, we love a design makeover.

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