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Monthly Archives: September 2018

  • Modern Lighting Design Tips for Your Next Home Redesign

    lighting 1

    Modern lighting design requires the combination of three types: ambient, task, and accent lighting. Ambient lights are your source of general illumination. Task lighting is for your work areas, while accent lighting serves to highlight objects.

    Within those basic requirements, however, you have a world of options at your disposal. Whether you want something more casual and laidback, or something more formal or subdued, there's an endless supply of lighting ideas for every setting and taste. Below, we take a tour of some of the most popular areas of a home, and how you can use modern lighting in Los Angeles to make them come alive.

    Entry Way

    A statement feature light will impress your guests the moment they step foot in your home. A chandelier or a single dramatic pendant are great choices to add impact in the entryway. Just make sure it reflects the overall style of your home, and measure carefully to determine if it’s the right scale.

    Want something more restrained? Welcome people to your home with a cluster of small lights, and lead the way with a line of downlights.

    Powder Room

    Don’t forget the humble powder room; with the right lighting, it can easily become a glamorous space. Achieve this by installing a low-wattage pendant light to set the mood.

    Remember: lighting isn’t just about bright lights. Artful lighting can be accomplished by combining low-lighting sources and shadowy areas. A dimmer will allow your guests to adjust the light to their convenience.

    lighting 2


    The kitchen is a bustling area, so you need to choose lighting that mixes function and style.  An island bench is an excellent spot for attractive pendant lighting that doubles as a task light. Add some LED overhead downlights for ambient lighting, and some LED strip lighting for accent.

    lighting 3


    It pays to keep it simple in the bedroom. The goal is to create a warm, inviting atmosphere that encourages relaxation, so avoid lights that are too striking. Instead, consider hanging a simple glass pendant on both sides of the master bed. If you'd like some subtle reading light, a downlight in the ceiling should work perfectly.


    The hallway is typically passed over for other areas of a home, but done correctly, it can be a star on its own. For asymmetrical hallways, wall lights can be used to distract from the architecture and establish a focal point. Wall sconces are also good choices for smaller spaces, and they’ll wash the hall with a golden glow for a warm, welcoming impression.

    lighting 4

    Outdoor Areas

    Once you’re done with the inside of a home, you can get started on lighting up outdoor living spaces like the patio. Concealed up lights or a selection of spotlights can serve to accentuate your landscaping while creating an inviting atmosphere for you and your guests to spend time in.

    Lighting is an integral part of home decoration and can transform the look of a whole room. For modern home accessories such as various lighting options and a selection of modern furniture in Los Angeles, Blueprint Furniture is your best choice.

  • Home Improvement: How to Go About Making Your Custom Made Beds

    custom bed 1

    Making custom made beds is a great endeavor if you wish to put your personal stamp on your place. Custom made beds are fit for people’s personalities and are also evocative of their habits. They also occupy a strategic part of the house.

    But what will happen if you do not make your custom bed appropriately? Here are some tips that you can incorporate in your strategy.

    The Right Selection

    Custom made beds in Los Angeles are more than just your run-of-the-mill California king beds. From antique to contemporary, these beds make up a great bulk of what you can get in the area. More than that, you would need to know these other tips:

    Consider the Size of Bed

    You should also look at the room size and the space you have to sleep in. A wide-enough bed should allow you to stretch and feel comfy while sleeping.

    custom bed 4

    Take a Look at the Styles

    There are different styles of beds that are readily customizable. Here’s a rundown of all of them:

    • Four-poster – There are clean, plain lines for these types of beds. There are also intricately sculpted corner posts for them. Such beds are intelligent choices if you want to make dramatic statements.

    • Platform – This type of bed is situated low to the ground, and has clean lines, which are ideal for uncluttered environments. They are without headboards and footboards.

    • Canopy – These beds are organized similar to the poster bed, but having crossbeams over the sleeping surface.

    • Sleigh – These beds are also referred to as French beds, and they give a traditional look. Such beds also have high scrolled headboards and footboards

    • Daybed – This type of beds also functions as a sofa or seating areas during daytime. Such beds are enclosed on three sides and ideal for compact spaces and guest spaces.

    custom bed 2

    Make-up of Beds

    Another thing you would need to consider is the material used to make these beds. Options of bed materials are plentiful, and most of them you can avail at nearby outlets in the greater LA area. Some options that you have are:

    • Hard maple – This is a popular option for beds because of its durability. Most poster beds are made from this material.

    • Oak – Another popular choice of material for modern-style beds. Usually, the beds show off dark hues.

    • Walnut – A choice material for low-lying beds, but can adapt to any style.

    • Teak – A bare variety of tropical hardwood, which is also prevalent in contemporary furniture.

    • Cherry – A fuller variety of wood, evoking a classic look that mixes well with contemporary makeup.

    custom bed 3

    Finding the Right Store for Your Custom Made Bed

    Once everything is in order for you, you can go ahead and avail of the bed best suited to your lifestyle. Many of the beds are offered as selections of modern bedroom furniture in Los Angeles.

    If you are having a hard time looking for the right store, then look no further! We at Blueprint Furniture can help you get your hands on a custom made bed of your liking. Give us a call now!

  • Dining Room Inspiration from Best Furniture Stores in Los Angeles

    dining 1

    The dining room is the communal heart of a home. This is where we entertain guests, share meals, engage in conversation, and do other bonding activities. If you feel that your dining room could use a bit more attention, schedule a trip to the best furniture stores in Los Angeles to get your creative juices flowing. Before you head out, however, scan these living room styling tips for some fresh ideas.

    dining 2

    Go Grand with Your Dining Room Table

    The sense of space is important in any dining room, and the table is the perfect place to start. A spacious dining table in the middle of the room sends a clear message: this is a great place for everyone to come together and enjoy each other’s company.

    Before you pick out a table, however, ask yourself a few questions. How many people on average make use of your dining area? What kind of material would fit into the architecture of your home? Your table should be able to seat your usual number of guests without feeling crowded and awkward, while not feeling too big as to make it feel distant when only you and a few members of the family are using it.

    Another question is the shape. Should you go with a rectangular table or round one?

    • A roundtable is better suited to a square room, and its iconic shape is great for informal dinner parties.

    • On the other hand, rectangular tables are incredibly versatile and are easily transformed for grand affairs of more casual get-togethers.

    dining 4

    Pick out Luxurious Chairs

    Once you’ve decided on what kind of table you want for your dining area, it’s time to select your chairs. Table-and-chair sets are a common sight while hunting for dining room furniture in Los Angeles. Sourced from modern furniture stores, these sets are expertly crafted, beautiful, and durable.

    Those who want to take a bit of risk might want to consider mix-matched chairs. They provide lots of personality in any room, and are a fun way to highlight all the innovative dishes being set up on the table. You might also want to bring padded home armchairs instead of traditional dining room chairs for a dash of creativity while providing maximum comfort.

    dining 3

    Splurge on Lighting

    What’s the fastest way to spruce up a drab dining area? With lights, of course! Lighting will add depth to the dining room and provide visual interest. For instance, hang a vintage chandelier over the table to create a dramatic focal point. Wall sconces and pin lights are also great alternative combinations.

    When it comes to lighting, variety is the key. Spotlights will highlight the food without being harsh on the eyes. Standing lamps placed in corners can set the right mood for after-meal conversations.  You can even select lighting with dimmers so you can set up the perfect ambiance.

    These simple tips will help you come up with your dream dining room. Modern furniture stores in Los Angeles like Blueprint Furniture offer some of the best dining room furniture in Los Angeles, so drop by the showroom to get more great style ideas for your own living spaces.

  • Home Design Tips: How to Select Pieces at a Contemporary Furniture Store Near Me

    modern living room

    Now that you’ve put your mind to it, you’ve decided to select contemporary furniture for your flat. You’ve done your homework by watching the latest trends when it comes to modern furniture, seeing how aesthetically appealing the piece appears. But you may be lacking some pointers when trying to buy your piece. Also, you may be wondering, “what does the contemporary furniture near me have to offer? Worry no more!

    We’ll get you up to speed when it comes to selecting your contemporary pieces for your home. This style is not yet out of vogue, having been employed late last century. These types of furniture are still big hits, so let us guide you on how to go about using these contemporary pieces.

    living room with contemporary furnitures

    Fluidity with Background

    It’s easy to go with black and white, as these are the most popular and most accessible colors for home design. But it takes more than that. You should also look at how the color blends well with your flat. Who knows, a brown shade may actually be a better fit for your backgrounds.


    Of course, pieces that have designer names would often have high prices. That's understandable since the brand carries a price higher than the product. While the temptation to acquire a Roche Bobois or an Edra would be higher than usual, you may want to stick to the budget that fits your wallet, to maximize what you can with your plan for the furniture layout of your house.

    contemporary living room

    Lighting Consideration

    For you to get chemistry, you should also consider the track lighting and recessed lighting. Contemporary dining room sets can look better if you set them across a nice backdrop, preferably those with white and gray backgrounds. Put some pizzazz into it as much as you can!

    Other Elements

    • Use a great amount of metal, stone, and opaque glass for you to bathe your place in a contemporary style. To soften the space, make use of textured fabrics in plain hues.

    • Get rid of colorful print because it confuses plain space needed for a contemporary-style abode. Limit décor to two-tone prints. For example, visualize a striped carpet for solidly hued furniture.

    • For contemporary home décor filled rooms, plants should show a dramatic pattern, with simple containers. If you have space, put in upward-focused lights around a big plant, and put nice rocks or bark chips above the soil.


    The flooring that you have to put in your home should be smooth and bare, and make use of wood and vinyl. You should select color and texture with geometric rugs. The simpler the flooring design, the better the mix will be for the room.

    Allow us here at Blueprint Furniture to assist you in looking for contemporary furniture to brighten up your flat and the other rooms in your house. Feel free to drop by our store and see what we have to offer!

  • Maximizing a Small Living Room: Tips from Your Trusted Modern Furniture Store

    modern living room with nice interior

    When you have a small living room, you need to think ahead before setting foot inside a modern furniture store. Ideally, every piece of furniture should be useful and not just there for decoration. You’d want to maximize every inch of space you have while still making the room relatively spacious.

    A good rule of thumb is to choose modern living room furniture that serves multiple purposes carefully. Another tip is to get creative with the layout, utilizing even awkward corners so no square foot goes to waste. After that, select décor that adds a ton of personality without taking up a lot of space. Read on for some style inspiration to get you started on your living room make-over.

    living room light colors

    Highlight the Room’s Best Features

    What are your living room’s best assets? Perhaps you have tall windows that bring in copious amounts of light. If so, consider a palette of lighter colors to create an airy and open feeling in the room. Got an amazing fireplace? Arrange your living room furniture in such a way that draws attention to it.

    Assessing the best features of your living room will give you a clearer idea of how to use those elements to your advantage. They provide an excellent foundation for the rest of your design choices, and also make it easier to pick out furniture and decoration that would play up those strengths.

    Scale Down Your Furniture

    Naturally, a small living room is not the place to put gigantic sofas or very wide shelves. Remember that every piece of furniture matters; choose smaller pieces of furniture that serve the same purpose as bigger ones.

    For instance, a wall sconce will work better than a floor lamp while still providing the same amount of light. Go for leaner tables, cub chairs, and tight-back sofas that are just as comfortable as their larger counterparts. Instead of a bulky bookcase, choose wall-mounted shelves that help save much-needed floor space.

    decor living room

    Add Visual Interest with Décor

    Be strategic when it comes to the placement of your décor. For example, place different lighting sources at various heights. This draws the eye to different areas of your living room, making it look more interesting and more spacious.

    As much as possible, choose statement pieces. Tie everything together with a bold wallpaper or accent wall. Display a custom piece of art. The goal is to decorate with pieces that are visually interesting so that you won’t need a lot of items just to make your living room pop.

    Select Top-Quality Furniture

    Finally, it would be wise to invest in luxury living room furniture to accentuate your small living room. This type of furniture features elegant and unique designs that are very hard to find in mass-produced alternatives. Not only are they beautiful, but they’re also sturdy and well-crafted, which means you’ll be able to enjoy your investment for many years to come.

    Designing a lovely small living room can definitely be challenging, but certainly not impossible. If you’d like more inspiring ideas about decorating your living room, drop by Blueprint Furniture today.

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