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Monthly Archives: July 2018

  • July 30th | From Custom Made Beds to Accent Chairs: Designing Your Sanctuary

    The bedroom is your private space, your place of retreat from the rest of the world. When it comes to interior design, however, public spaces like the living room and the dining room often take precedence over custom made beds and other elements of a well-designed bedroom.

    Designing-Your-Sanctuary | BlueprintFurniture.com

    Don’t worry— you don’t need to overhaul your whole bedroom just to make it a beautiful, welcoming part of your home. Whether you want a vintage ambiance or a modern vibe, here are some decorating ideas to breathe new life into your own sanctuary.

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  • July 13th | The Best Furniture Stores in Los Angeles will Offer You Furniture that Won’t Hurt Your Back

    Don’t judge a book by its cover, bookworms would say. It’s a good saying, so let’s revise that a bit for homeowners like you who hope to fill their home with pretty furniture: don’t judge furniture by how it looks. Before we go on to this article, let’s head straight to our main takeaway: best furniture stores in Los Angeles will offer you ergonomic furniture.

    sequel-lift | BlueprintFurniture.com

    Let’s explain why.

    First Impressions Don’t Last

    Many new homeowners would begin their quest in furnishing their home by first going to Pinterest, then pinning all the lovely and plush looking chairs, sofas, and tables they can find. After that, they will plug into Google the words "best furniture stores in Los Angeles" which lists the top 10 stores recommended by the first article they find. They would drive from one store to another, taking photos of the furniture they thought looked cute, elegant, or beautiful. They will sit for a few seconds to see if they feel comfortable.

    Hold up.

    One of the common mistakes that buyers make when buying furniture is prioritizing the style and looks of furniture before their comfort and needs. Most often, poorly chosen furniture—especially those they would use for long stretches of time—can lead to aching backs and shoulders, and sore hips and necks.

    Super soft and plush furniture—the type that swallows you—causes unwanted strain on your spine and pelvis by pulling them down. Being swaddled by your super soft furniture daily can lead to body aches in the future, even injuries.

    Your Guide for Comfortable, Back-Friendly Furniture

    When visiting the best furniture stores in Los Angeles, keep the following things in mind when choosing your furniture, especially those that require extended bodily contact. This includes beds and chairs.

      • Keep them firm. Don't worry; we're not referring to hard, wooden benches here. The furniture you're looking for must have firm cushioning. None of those super soft, marshmallow-y sofas that will exacerbate your slouching problem. Your furniture must be able to support your bottom, and it must keep your hips level to your knees.


      • Back support is non-negotiable. Aside from bottom support, your furniture must enable you to sit erect. Whether it is an office chair for long studying hours or sofa meant for relaxation, make sure that it offers proper lumbar support. This translates to a forward pressure you'll be able to feel in your lower back. If you're not used to sitting up straight, consider your furniture choices as a step forward in helping you better your posture.


      • Sit around. When you visit the best furniture stores in Los Angeles, it is recommended that you try sitting on each of your choices for 20 minutes.


    • Material and price are irrelevant. You can choose any material you want for your furniture as long as they provide all the support you need. Price must also be irrelevant. Don’t cheat on the wellbeing of your future self by settling for mediocre furniture in the present.

    Blueprint Furniture is one of the best furniture stores in Los Angeles. We provide an array of furniture choices that are ergonomic and designed with style and your comfort in mind.

  • July 5th |Going for Style and Comfort: The Advantages of Contemporary Dining Room Sets

    The Victorian era of community balls, lavish salons, and tea parties with a game of croquette has come and gone, but what seems to be man’s innate need for hospitality has not. A social animal and a homeowner, you could be holding weekly dinner parties, sports finals viewing parties, or evening book dinner meetings at your home. Give yourself that extra edge as a host by going for contemporary dining room sets.

    contemporary dining room sets | Blueprint Furniture

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  • July 3rd | 6 Luxury Living Room Furniture You Must Have

    Admittedly, the living room is one of the areas people pay the most attention to in almost every house. It is the welcoming and receiving room of our homes. It is where we spend time with our family or entertain our guests. That is why it is essential that our living rooms look beautiful and comfortable with the right luxury living room furniture.

    luxury living room furniture | Blueprint Furniture

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  • July 1st | 5 Things to Consider in Choosing a Modern Furniture Store in Los Angeles

    When choosing furniture for your new home, style is one of the most significant considerations. You need to know how your whole house should look and feel. And one way to ensure that every piece of your furniture will match and give the modern style that you are imagining is to pick a modern furniture store in Los Angeles that could give you every design that you want.

    modern furniture store in los angeles | Blueprint Furniture

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