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Monthly Archives: June 2018

  • June 28th | 4 Things to Consider Before Buying Your Luxury Bedroom Furniture in Los Angeles

    Luxury modern bedroom | Blueprint Furniture

    If you just moved here and you're thinking of buying luxury bedroom furniture in Los Angeles, there are some factors you should take into account.

    Tired? Sleepy? Need some time alone or with your partner? There is surely one place in your home you can think about when these feelings hit you: the bedroom. It serves as a room for rest, relaxation, peace, and even fun! No wonder, it is considered one of the most important parts of a house. That is why how the bedroom looks matters, and the furniture shapes a huge part of its overall appearance.

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  • June 14th | 4 Cool Features that Your Custom-Made Bed Can Have

    Classic Style King Bed Size With Set Of Pillows In Luxury Style

    Nothing says "living the good life" more than custom-made beds. Imagine a bed that's designed to give you the best comfort experience—a bed that caters to all your bed-related whims and design preferences. Sounds luxurious right?

    Here's the thing, however, custom-made beds are expensive—which means it's important that you have a clear idea of what you want from the get-go.

    ✓ What materials do you want its structure/frame to be made of?
    ✓ What stuffing do you want the mattress to have?
    ✓ What special features do you want it to have?

    Believe it or not, the first two questions are easier to answer compared to the latter. Establish the style you want (e.g., rustic, modern, classic, etc.), and you'll be able to narrow down your choices for structure material. Try out the various mattress options of your chosen custom-made beds from a Los Angeles store, and you'll be able to figure out which one is the best for you.

    Settling on what special add-ons your bed will have is a lot harder to pin down. Why? Because the sky's the limit. There are no restrictions when it comes to what features you can add to your bed. You can go for simple (e.g., add a secret compartment, etc.) or go all out (e.g., have a built-in refrigerator, etc.). It’s up to you!

    4 Cool Features that Custom-Made Beds Can Have

    Want to add a special feature (or two) to your bed, but you don’t have a solid idea of what you want? This article can help you out! Read on to learn about four of the coolest components that you can have attached or built-in to your bed.

    ✅ Storage Compartments

    Most people get their beds custom-made just to have this particular feature. The location in which storage compartments are built into vary. Some are drawers that retract under the bed. Others make it so that you can lift the mattress by its platform upward—like a chest—to access the expansive storage unit underneath.

    If you think this is the add-on you want, make sure you consider the space that your bed is going to occupy at home. If your bed size is tailored fit to its spot—which means there is little or no space to maneuver—drawer storage compartments are a no-go.

    ✅ Shelves

    You might be thinking: what’s the difference of storage compartments from shelves when it comes to customized beds? Well, the former is usually located under the bed. The latter, meanwhile, is usually installed to the head or footboards of the bed.

    ✅ Adjustable Framework

    Yup, similar to the ones that you’ll see on hospital beds—but more comfortable and easier to adjust. Imagine having the ability to adjust your bed slope at will to enhance lumbar support or to accommodate your aching back. Sounds great right? Many luxury furniture stores in Los Angeles can produce this cool feature.

    ✅ Lighting Fixtures

    Bed frames with built-in lighting fixtures are not a rare sight in stores that sell custom-made beds in Los Angeles. They’re perfect for people who love reading or working in bed. Luxury furniture shops often offer this feature with easy-to-adjust settings. They allow users to control the intensity (and, sometimes, color) of light.

    Custom-made beds are expensive. So, make every penny you spend count. Settle on what additional features to add from the beginning with this guide!

  • June 12th | What to Look for in Modern Furniture Stores: A Los Angeles Checklist



    Modern furniture stores in Los Angeles offer a host of choices when it comes to interior decorations. With a range of possibilities, how can you know which place to go? If you’re one of those who search for “contemporary furniture store near me” and go with the top result, then this article is just for you! Continue reading

  • June 10th | “Living Rooms and Modern Living Room Furniture Are Here to Stay!” Says the Millennials: Here’s Why

    modern living room furniture

    According to an article published in The Guardian, the list of things millennials are currently eliminating is growing. Already included in the said list are fabric softeners and doorbells. Living rooms, along with all modern living room furniture, have been deemed valueless by this new generation.

    Architect Patrik Schumacher of the Adam Smith Institute argues that for young people to afford the ever-rising costs of housing, it should enter a “liberalized future.” Their housing option should be centrally located but smaller, thus making it more affordable. If housing spaces are to be lessened, the first ones to be eliminated will be the non-essential spaces, such as those made for luxury living room furniture. According to Schumacher, these spaces that are meant to contain an assortment of modern living room furniture for sitting and lounging about are superfluous to millennials who are always out and about.

    A small, clean, private hotel-room sized central patch serves their needs perfectly well,” he added. However, removing living rooms from the designs of homes will not be that easy. Occupying a central space in the functioning of both family and individuals, living rooms are breeding grounds for people's social etiquette.

    Living rooms and their furniture won’t be that easy to kick out. Here’s why:

    Why Living Rooms and Modern Living Room Furniture Are Here to Stay

    ➭ Bonding

    Be it Saturday movie nights with the family, game nights with your siblings, or the occasional drinking sessions with your friends, the living room has played host to all social events, fostering closer ties.

    ➭ Receive guests

    During special occasions, it is commonplace to invite friends, neighbors, and relatives over to one’s home and celebrate together. How many living rooms have played host to birthday parties, baptisms, Thanksgiving, Christmas dinners, and more? Modern living room furniture have even adapted to this by providing pieces covered in stain-resistant material and some that are child-friendly.

    ➭ Pack memories

    Being the center of activity, most furniture in living rooms are big, sturdy things, able to last for years, even generations. If you go to auction houses, the most common pieces second to art are antique furniture. Homeowners typically buy living room furniture with an attitude that it is the last ones that they are going to own. This often ends up being true; sofas, tables, chairs, accumulating memories and becoming the cornerstone of stories that will be told and re-told for years to come.

    ➭ Show what kind of family are the owners

    There should be an adage that goes something like “show me your living room and I’ll tell you who you are.” The practice of socializing in living rooms dates back in time as author Peter Ward argues in his book History of Domestic Space. The living room is where the family presents themselves to the world.

    As it happens, Schumacher's point is not shared by all. Although some millennials are willing to give up communal areas for an extra bedroom, they are in the minority. Most young professionals are looking forward to spending evenings in the living room with their housemates. They say that it greatly improves their mood.

    So even if you are a struggling young professional spoiling yourself with luxury living room furniture, or part of the millennial minority willing to give up communal space to save money, you’d have to admit: living rooms are here to stay!

  • June 6th | London Industrial Loft Jazzed Up with Art Details

    london industrial loft

    Day True recently completed the design of the Shoreditch Loft, a contemporary apartment with industrial influences located in London, UK. The London industrial loft was part of a full house project renovation; the client wanted to completely reorganize the structure of the living areas.

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  • June 5th | 4 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Modern Outdoor Furniture for Your Home

    modern outdoor furniture

    Moving into a home in Los Angeles with a patio can be a great feeling, especially if the patio area is bare and if your previous home did not have one. Moving in gives you an opportunity to get your creative juices flowing and design a beautiful outdoor living space filled with polished modern outdoor furniture. Continue reading

  • June 3rd | The Appeal of Custom-Made Pieces from a Modern Furniture Store

    in office

    Before you found your current home, chances are that you searched far and wide to find the perfect one for you and your family. A lot of factors must have come into play before you made your final decision, such as the size and type of the house and its location. Ideally, the same approach should apply to getting the right furniture for your living space. Don’t settle for mass-produced pieces which can easily go out of style or break down. Instead, consider working closely with a modern furniture store for expertly-crafted pieces that are not only functional, but will also give you value and elegance that will stand the test of time. Continue reading

  • June 3rd |The Finer Points of Luxury Bedroom Furniture in Los Angeles

    modern bedroom design

    Studies show that people spend roughly a third of their lives sleeping. In addition, the quality of sleep that you get influences almost all aspects of your life— from your physical and mental well-being to your social connections and work performance. This makes your bedroom a crucial area of your home, and nothing less than luxury bedroom furniture from Los Angeles stores will make the cut. Continue reading

  • June 1st | On-Trend Tips for Your Living Room, Bedroom and Office

    One of the challenges homeowners face when it comes to revamping their interiors is selecting design schemes that are at once of the moment and timeless, to stay on-trend without adding features to their home that risk quickly becoming dated.

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