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Monthly Archives: October 2017

  • Fashionable and Affordable Zuo Furniture

    Fashionable and Affordable Zuo Furniture

    You have high-quality standards for everything that you own. You want what you have in your home to look its best and be a strong reflection on your style and tastes, but you also are practical and know that the items you have in your home need to be affordable as well.

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  • With coffee tables, basic is often better

    L1000803You've picked your sofa, painstakingly choose the fabric, the legs, the dimensions etc. Rugs down, lamps lit...Now it's time to put bring home your design with maybe the most critical part of the design of your living room. The coffee table. Continue reading

  • Home for the Holidays


    It's that time of year again...

    Autumn is coming. And with it comes leaves changing color, days get shorter, nights get longer, and the unforgiven sunshine is replaced with nippier dew....Well maybe not so much here in Los Angeles, where we have one season all year long. But one thing we do share with the rest of this country, our families are coming! With Thanksgiving just around the corner, and the winter holidays after that, it's time to refresh and renew our dining rooms.

    A great place to start is with new dining chairs that can infuse some new energy and style into our tired old dining room. It's probably a good idea to stash those old dining chairs in the garage so you can whip them out for your big day for the kids (Or the in-laws!)  table.

    Here are a few of our latest and greatest styles that just hit our floor:

    Ero Peri Pearla Nook II Ellis Gomez_

  • Better Looks and Comfort with Modern Sleeper Sofas

    We all have bad memories of using a sleeper sofa that did nothing but keep us up all night. You can probably remember the sofa that your parents had, or the one at a friend’s or relative’s home, or even one you owned yourself, that caused more aggravation and pain than comfort. The familiar metal bar sticking in your back all night, along with the thin, uncomfortable mattress and the look of the sofa itself were all undesirable qualities to deal with. Times have changed when it comes to furniture like this, and the modern sleeper sofas you will find for sale here at Blueprint Furniture will provide you with the better look and comfort you and your guests want most.

    Better Construction for Sleeper Sofas

    The sleeper sofas of today are made with much better material and design work than in the past. Many people may not even recognize that the sofa you have can pull out to a bed when you buy one of the modern designs of today. The sofas are made to pull out easily without having to go through the inconveniences of pulling off the cushions and the pulling out a heavy bed. The construction is much better, making the beds easier to pull out and provide a quality mattress inside.

    Better Looks and Comfort with Modern Sleeper Sofas

    The Comfort You Want in Sleeper Sofas

    Instead of guests dreading sleeping on your sleeper sofa, when you select one of the modern sleeper sofas we offer at Blueprint Furniture your guest will look forward to a comfortable night of sleep. The sofas we offer are made with the latest design work so that there is no more uncomfortable metal bar poking you in the back all night, or a thin, flimsy mattress that provides no support or comfort. Our modern sleepers go well beyond those traditional problems to make sleeping on the sofa a delight.

    Look at Our Modern Sofas

    To get a sleeper sofa that you will be proud to have in your home, check out the modern sleeper sofas we have available right here at Blueprint Furniture. You can see the wide selection of sofa styles we offer when you look at our choices here at our website. You can place an online order for the sofa you want, or you can contact us at (310) 657-4315, and we will be happy to answer any questions you have and help you select the best sleeper sofa for your home.

  • Reading Nooks

    XT2F4234 A simple and inviting feature to add to your home is a reading nook. They are meant to be compact and cozy, so they can be added to even the smallest apartments. Continue reading

  • Modern Beds and Contemporary Beds for Your Budget

    Does the style and design of the high end furniture you have in your bedroom leave you feeling a little underwhelmed? Maybe it has been a while since you have made any changes to some of the items you have in there, most particularly your bed. Perhaps the frame, headboard, and design of the bed are plain and uninteresting to you now. It may be time for you to think about some of the other options that are out there for you that can completely transform the look of your bedroom. You can find modern beds and contemporary beds that fit right into your budget when you shop with us at Blueprint Furniture.

    Beds Using the Most of Your Space

    Too many of the bedroom layouts you would see in the past made use of furniture that was very large and ornate. While this may have been the style of the time, this furniture may not fit well with the way you feel now. Many people today prefer to take a more minimalist approach to their bedroom furniture. The less is more idea can help you to make the most of the space you have, giving you a fashionable look to your bedroom while also giving you greater breathing room and space, so the room feels larger.

    Modern Beds and Contemporary Beds for Your Budget

    Beds for Your Budget

    If you shop around for modern beds and contemporary beds at many modern furniture stores today, you may experience some sticker shock when you see the prices they are asking for beds. While you may love the styles you see, the costs can be well above what you had budgeted for a bed. Instead of feeling disappointed, you can shop with us at Blueprint Furniture. We offer an array of beds in Queen and King sizes that are perfect for your home and your budget.

    Get Your Modern Bed Here

    When you want to see fantastic modern beds and contemporary beds that are at the prices you can afford, please shop with us here at Blueprint Furniture. You can look at the wonderful bed styles we have available right here on our website, and you can place an online order to arrange for easy delivery. If you have any questions about one of the beds you see or need help deciding, please phone us at (310) 657-4315 and a member of our staff will assist you with any questions and help you place your order so that you can have the stylish bed you want.

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