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  • The Best Furniture to Optimize Your Space



    You want your home to look as spacious as possible without compromising the essentials. Here’s your all-encompassing guide to creating a lucrative—albeit minimal—space for your Los Angeles home:

    Sectional Couches are Life Savers

    Sectional couches, on a first thought, may be huge. But they may be the best use of your space, considering you don’t have much in your tiny Los Angeles studio. Just throw them into a corner, and they provide enough seating for all of your friends. Not to mention, they double over as great beds!


    The Modern Lamp Theory

    Yes, lamps are for light, and yes, they are often there for décor. However, it’s been theorized over and over again that the light illuminated from a lamp can make any space look bigger, more comforting, and certainly is easier on the eyes that overhead lights.

    A Good Ol’ Office Chair

    Modern furniture in Los Angeles is not hard to come by, but be careful when shopping for an office chair. A good, space-efficient chair is hard to come by. It doesn’t have to be on wheels, but if it does, make sure it effectively fits with your desk, so it optimizes the surface area. Also, be aware that most chairs on wheels can be bulky. A nice tall leather chair may seem intriguing, but won’t be the best use of your space.

    Mirrors are Your Friend

    The more mirrors you have, the better, and here’s why. Looking at mirrors definitely exudes the idea that the space is bigger than it is. The more mirrors you have, likely the more leg-room you think you’ve got. It’s all about the mind games, people.

    Doubling Over as Storage

    Anything that’s a home good and can double over as storage is a good choice. Some nice choices are ottomans, which hold a good amount of knick-knacks and are comfortable chairs. Beds with cabinets in the frame help hold some of those clothing items that are just oozing out of those wardrobe dressers.

    Couch and Coffee Table Go Hand in Hand

    The living room is the very first thing that’s looked at by anyone, and so it needs to be the thing that turns heads. That being said, it’s important to go big with only one, if any. If the couch is huge, go for a small coffee table, and vise versa.

    Or Maybe Even a Sleeper Sofa

    If you’re going to have guests over and can’t figure out for the life of you where to put them, a good idea for the living room is a sleeper sofa. In Los Angeles, it might be often that a friend is couch hopping; this would be the weather to vacation in! If you don’t have a living room, this may be the piece of furniture that distinguishes when you’re ready to party and when it’s time for a siesta.

    Bedside Accouterments

    Always look for space efficiency but don’t compromise! Remember that minimalism doesn’t mean skirting round furniture; instead attempt to amp up where necessary, and reduce where not. A bed is one of the most important parts of living, and that shouldn’t be compromised. If you are attempting for some classy nightstands, definitely look into it. It should only help the place be homier.

    These are just a few nice ways to amp up your home but remember, at the end of the day, you’ll change things a million times until you find the perfect puzzle piece.  For great service and perfect furniture, check out Blue Print Furniture. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Top 10 Office Design Trends for a Great Workspace & Productive Employees

    When looking for ways to increase employee productivity and happiness, many people focus on benefits, bonuses, and perks. However, by paying special attention to the actual spaces your employees work in and following a few simple steps, minor changes in the workplace can prove to be highly beneficial and result in increased productivity. Creative OfficeWhile places such as Google, Facebook, and Airbnb have become well known for their unique workspaces, there are ten key steps you can make to take your workplace to the next level and increase employee productivity. 

    • Stand Up Desks  |  With our society becoming more and more health conscious in recent years, stand up desks have become one of the most recent trends in terms of modern office design. Not only do these desks offer health benefits to your employees, but they also provide them a break from spending eight hours a day sitting in a chair. Many employees have reported they would prefer to work standing up as opposed to sitting down. There are also desks available that can convert between sitting and standing desks throughout the day, based on each individual employee’s desire.  Check out our BDI Sequel Lift Desk, in gorgeous walnut / black glass top, steel mechanical lift, cord management, and programmable height setting with digital display.

    BDI Sequel Lift Desk

    • Add Some Color  |  There’s nothing worse than walking into work and staring at nothing but white walls, computer screens, and the same off-blue cubicle fabric all day long. Bring your company’s brand and logo to life by offering a splash of color in the workplace. Be it with paint or furniture, offering an alternative from boring old white will leave employees feeling inspired and creative. Greens and blues have been found to boost employee morale most while maintaining a positive atmosphere. Color also makes lobbies much more inviting for company guests, as well. 
    • Separate Work & Break Areas  |  Many small offices, especially those such as commercial real estate offices or small law firms have fallen victim to implementing the infamous small break room. Hidden in a dark corner of the office, with cheap countertops and basic appliances, these spaces don’t provide much of an escape to employees. Offering a true break room that feels separate from their workspace will go a long way in keeping employees energized and refreshed after returning from break. Some larger companies have even gone as far as having corporate chefs available in their kitchen to cook meals for employees.
    • Offer Alternative Workspaces  |  The addition of laptops, tablets, and Wi-Fi have eliminated the need for employees to be tied down to a desk and a desktop computer anymore. Offering alternative workspaces such as couches, chairs, or other comfortable areas has been proven to increase productivity. Even offering more comfortable desk chairs is a small step in the right direction. Some offices have gone as far as adding swinging chairs and cots for their employees to use.  Consider Blueprint's Custom Upholstery Line for outfitting your creative and collaborative workplaces.  Blueprint also carries a wide variety of accent chairs, lounges and stools to provide alternative seating for your employees.
    • Cut Down on Clutter   |  There is nothing worse to work in than a cluttered workspace.  As an employer, you can help reduce this problem in two key ways:
      • Object Based Clutter – Offering your employees ample storage, drawers, and cabinets will help keep their work surface clear and free of clutter. Many companies have also turned to digital document storage to eliminate the need for filing papers onsite and storing them elsewhere.
      • Wire-Based Clutter – With all the different devices we use in the workplace today, one simple desk can quickly turn into a plethora of wires and cables. Implementing cable management to discreetly hide these cables will help eliminate clutter and keep employees free of messy distractions. Adding USB outlets to workspaces is another small step to take that will cut down on cable clutter.  Our BDI Series and others have wire management as part of the design!  Just ask Blueprint sales associates about your cable management solutions

    BDI Cable Management

    • Bring Employees Together  |  With mobile computing solutions, there is no longer the need for a 1:1 employee to desk ratio, and cubicles are quickly becoming a thing of the past. In team-based workplaces, the implementation of community work tables is becoming more common. Similar to tables often found at Starbucks, these tables allow large groups to quickly and efficiently work together without bouncing between cubicles or working off a massive email chain.
    • Add Some Texture  |  Just as adding color to a workplace has its benefits, so does adding texture. From different kinds of flooring and lighting, to unique fabrics and window treatments, all of these variables can go a long way in transforming a space from a cold, harsh office to a warm, inviting workplace. Fire and water installations have started making an appearance in many offices, taking workplace design to the next level
    • Have Flexible Layouts  |  Modular workspaces are quickly becoming the new standard in today’s modern office. These systems allow not only the rearranging of an individual’s workspace to meet the needs of their task, but as well as the combination of multiple workspaces for group tasks. Modular workspaces in additional to mobile furniture increase efficiency as well as allow your office to receive a mini-makeover whenever it's time to make things feel fresh again.
    • Go Outdoors  |  Just as offering variations on the workplace indoors has its benefits, employers should also consider expanding outdoors as well. From courtyards to rooftop offices, outdoor spaces offer employees a refreshing alternative to stuffy interior offices all day long. Many employees will be more productive outdoors, especially on mild spring and fall days. If outdoor space is not an option, consider bringing the outdoors inside with plants or other green space within your office.
    • Let the Employees Design   |  If trying to make employees happy and productive, who better to consult with than the employees themselves? Talk to the people who work day-to-day in your office and find out what would work best for the kind of work they do, and any recommendations that they may have. Allowing employees to personalize their workspaces will also help them feel more comfortable, and in turn more productive. After many studies concluding in positive results, numerous offices have started allowing employees to bring their dogs to work. Bringing pets to work has proven to be so beneficial, some companies have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to transform their office into one that is canine friendly.

    Implementing these practices into your workplace is one of many steps that can be taken toward creating the ultimate productivity-oriented office.  Employees are sure to appreciate all the efforts taken, as this also creates a more comfortable, inviting atmosphere for them to work in on a day to day basis.

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  • 5 Easy Ways To Protect Your Furniture From Cat Scratching


    Guest Post by Tinpaw


    Scratching is a natural cat behavior. Despite their domestication, cats retain their natural wild instincts. Scratching helps them to groom their claws, while the scratching motion aids in the removal of dead sheaths from their claws.

    Cats also scratch as a means of marking territory, since their front paws have scent glands. Some cats will also scratch as a means of exercising which helps them to stretch their back and front leg muscles.

    The problem occurs when this natural feline behavior extends to your living space, especially your furniture. The good news is that you don’t have to live with this behavior anymore, if you apply the following tips.

    Provide Alternative Scratching Surfaces



    You will not succeed training your cat to stop scratching furniture, if you don’t provide an appropriate scratching surface. However, there are various factors to consider, when looking for an appropriate scratching surface.

    One important feature is weight. If a climbing tree or scratching post does not hold up and tends to be unsteady, then your feline friend will definitely abandon it. Also ensure any scratching surface you provide or purchase will be tall enough. This enables the cat to stretch fully when scratching. A short scratching post will be abandoned and the cat will opt for a tall table leg.

    You can also place the appropriate scratching surface next to the cat feeder. Have a mixture of vertical and horizontal scratchers, to give your cat variety. Additionally, ensure they are several throughout the house.

    Make Your Furniture Unpleasant For Scratching


    When you go to work, your cat will also go to work and your comfortable couch will be destroyed slowly. If you want to discourage this behavior when you are not present, there are some remedies.

    For example, a double-sided tape is an excellent deterrent. When its favorite scratching spot becomes sticky, the cat will abandon it immediately. Go for the removable type, which is normally used to fix party decorations.

    You can also spray the affected area with citrus scents. If the usual scratching post smells odd, while the appropriate scratching surface smells of catnip, then the cat will simply opt for the appropriate scratching surface.

    Trimming the Claws


    Although it will not eliminate the problems, trimming the claws will minimize the damage caused. Trimming will depend on the temperament and age of the cat. If you have a young cat or a kitten, this is the appropriate time to get them used to it.  Trimming can be very essential, especially when training them to transition to appropriate scratching surfaces.

    Ensure you use good cat claw trimmers.  However, always first consult a vet, or conduct thorough research, to determine the best way of doing it without causing the cat any harm. Removing the sharp bits from a cat’s nail will create a significant difference, and you will even notice less damage, within the time.

    Calming Devices

    Stress is another factor that may contribute to scratching behavior. If you introduce new furniture to your house, the cat realizes some change, and this change equals stress. In such a situation, there are pheromone sprays you can purchase from a pet store.

    Spray them on the walls or on the new furniture, and you will be surprised by the level of calmness afforded to the cat. The cat will calm down and avoid attacking your furniture.

    Soft Paws


    These are more of vinyl covers, which were invented by a veterinarian more than 20 years ago. These paws have saved thousands of cats from the agonizing practice of declawing. They are available in different colors. They can last for around six weeks.


    Once you realize that your cat’s scratching is more of a natural instinct and not a destructive prank, you can easily find a happy solution. With the above tips, the damage on your furniture will be significantly reduced. One more thing, never consider declawing your cat.


    My name is Diana Hutchinson. I am the founder of Tinpaw I have more than 10-years’ experience in nurturing and caring cats. I love them. Since long ago they had been became important members of my family.

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