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Monthly Archives: September 2016

  • 4 Furnishing Considerations for Gaming Rooms


    A gaming room can be the most exciting room in your living space. It is the epicenter of entertainment and does not allow boredom to overcome you for too long. Gaming rooms are all inclusive that bring friends and family together and doesn’t mix different moods that multipurpose rooms may do. Blueprint Furniture of Los Angeles has a wide array of contemporary furniture to help you decorate your gaming room. Here are a few things to consider to create an aesthetically pleasing gaming room.

    Type of Gaming Room

    Is it going to feature a gaming table in the center of the room? Is it going to mimic the theater experience and include gaming consoles? Or will It be a PC gaming room? Also, decide the theme of your room is going to be. Whichever it is going to be this is when you decide because your furnishing will be determined by this decision.

    Modern Sofas and Sectionals in Los Angeles

    Determine how many people at a time could be in your gaming room. This is usually dictated by the amount of space you have to work with so choose your furniture accordingly.

    Sofas and sectionals are the way to go if you plan on entertaining a lot of guests who may just want to relax in between games. It works in rooms that feature console gaming or board games where multiplayer games set friendly competition. Consider the 1295 Sectional for concave seating where everyone can get a good view of the screen.

    For gaming table-centric rooms, you need as much space as possible to fully emphasize your pool table or ping pong table. This set up can use bar stools or Calais benches because they are usually set along walls. Whatever your gaming room is going to feature, always keep comfort in mind. Think about things like what kind of seating works best for long hours of video gaming or table games with short bursts of action.

    The Right Desk or Table

    PC gamers who intend on using their gaming room for themselves will enjoy luxury office furniture such as the Ballard L Desk because it provides just enough space for their monitor and peripherals, leaving all the excess space other desks may have off on their right-hand side for easy access to things they may need later. They can be set at a corner leaving a lot of open space for other modern office furniture from Blueprint Furniture in Los Angeles.

    If your room is going to feature console gaming or movie viewing, a beautiful mid-century modern coffee table that matches the color of your room is an essential addition to set in the center of your sofas to rest your feet on or put down drinks, snacks and controllers.

    Lastly, if your room is centered around the table itself, choose the game table of your choice and work your way from there.


    Modern lighting is important for preserving your guests’ and your eyesight. Straining your eyes before every move will tire them out and is not conducive in having a good time logging in long hours of gaming. Not only is lighting good for sustaining eyesight, but it is also a great way to accent your table. When you walk in towards a table that has a spotlight above it, it feels like a big deal. For seating areas designed for watching a television screen, floor lamps flanking sofas or sectionals work well because they don’t flood the room with too much light.

    Blueprint Furniture in Los Angeles has all the contemporary furniture you need to brighten up your gaming room or any other room in your living space. Shop now and discover the unlimited possibilities for your home!

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