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Monthly Archives: March 2010

  • New HDTV or components and running out of space. We have a solution!


    If you're looking for media storage, pay attention to special features. From drop-down drawers to perforated doors for interference-free remote control use, think about the best design for holding your collections and components. For hardcore gamers a media storage unit with large bins can be most useful. Make sure the storage pieces you buy will house what you already have, and can easily accommodate additional items.

    Furniture doesn't always have to sit against the walls. Slide a console behind the sofa in the middle of the room. Or use a room divider to pack additional storage space into a small area. It is important to consider the d├ęcor and size of the room you are planning to put the entertainment center in, as well. A minimalist, small, modern room full of metal and glass would look pretty silly with a gigantic oak entertainment center stuck against one wall. Instead, opt for one of the sleeker models, perhaps made of the same material that composes your coffee table and bookshelves. By the same token, large, warm, wood-accented rooms would call for a larger wooden entertainment center then your best bet would be to find a wood that matches the tones of any rugs or other furniture you already own. We have a large selection to meet your needs come into our showroom.

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